Threaded Rod and Nuts Safeguard Duty Investigation!

Posted by Alexander Daniel on

SAFMA through their greed have now managed to obtain a draconian preliminary 102% safeguard duty is now being added to all carbon steel threaded rods and nuts. This is over and above the existing 50.54% duty that was set in motion on carbon steel screws?

With only 14 days given to us to oppose this selfish & reckless decision, we urge all interested parties to submit comments on whether it will be in the public’s BEST interest to impose the definitive safeguard measures on all these carbon steel products.

We at NSS Fasteners have strongly opposed this invite all our concerned and your affected Customers to make their submissions to the public interest in writing and indicate interest to attend and make oral presentations to Commission on or before 12 August 2019 at 15h00.

A public hearing is scheduled for 28 August 2019 at 10h00.

Kindly note that the hearing is an open hearing with all parties present, where their concerns will be heard.

If you wish for NSS to take a stand on your behalf, kindly contact with your concerns and we will gladly help you find your voice against the tyrants of the industry.

Together we stand strong!

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