NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. works continually to expand its services and solutions, to better serve our customers needs.


NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. has dedicated packing machines and personnel to pack any product to our customers specific requirements. This can include either plain packaging or custom branded pre-packs according to our customers requirements.


NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. large stock holding, and industry leading order fulfillment time, allows our dedicated network of distributors to run off our inventory. This saves them on their working capital requirements as well as time needed to source from multiple suppliers.

Overnight to major cities

NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. have containers heading to all major cities in South Africa every night. This means, if an order is place before 15:00, our customers can expect their order the next morning. 

Orders are sent to the following cities each night:

o Durban

o Port Elizabeth

o Cape Town

o Bloemfontein


NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. works with our transport partners to send weekly shipments to our neighboring countries. By sending shipments on a weekly basis, it allows us to consolidate orders and provide the best shipping rates for our customers. Containers are sent weekly to the following neighbouring countries:

o Namibia

o Botswana

o Kenya

o Mozambique

o Zambia

o Swaziland

o Lesotho


NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. value add is buying products in bulk with factory minimum order volumes and efficiently breaking bulk down into smaller manageable quantities. This allows our customers to place smaller, more frequent orders as they require the stock.


Our stringent quality procedures allow us to proudly stand behind our products and guarantee adherence to the relevant international specifications and guidelines.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions:

For large scale projects in remote locations, NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. is able to maximize customer savings by arranging delivery of the order directly from our approved supplier to the projects’ location. By planning your consumption over 6 to 12 months in advance, we can contract to supply you a fixed quantity at a pre-determined price over a period most convenient to your requirements. This will allow you to complete your project on budget without incurring time delays and resulting penalties from interruption in your fastener supply line. 


When a break down happens, you cant afford to have your equipment down for an hour longer than needed. NSS can offer a 1 hour break down service, where we will fill your order ready for pick up in under 1 hour.


Although NSS Fasteners (Pty) Ltd. does not provide professional expert opinions on applications or installations, our team has been in the industry for over 40 years. Contact us at any time or visit our website’s technical manuals and information, to obtain all the necessary information you need to determine which fastener solution would work best for your application.

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